NOTE:  All Test Processes and sequences are subject to change based on specification and customer requirements at time of purchase order.


Phase II, AS5553

DPA Trusted Parts PHASE II screening and DPA meets the requirements of SAE AS5553 for mission critical end users.

1-(805) 581-9200

Phase II (if anomalies detected at Phase I)

  1. Tests as defined in Figure E-1 of AS5553

  2. Destructive Physical Analysis (5 pcs., MIL-STD-1580)

  3. Certify to AS5553

AS5553 Figure E-1 Flow:

  1. External Visual

  2. Resistance to Solvents

  3. X-Ray

  4. Pull DPA sample, perform DPA in parallel with following screening on balance of lot.

  5. Thermal Cycle

  6. Electrical Testing, DC, Functional Test (limited to critical)

  7. Burn-in

  8. Electrical Testing (same as above)

  9. Fine & Gross Leak

  10. Screening and DPA Test Report

  11. Test Traveler/Attributes Data

Certification of Authenticity to AS5553:

See example of Certification