Although there are authorized committees who are in the process of defining test flows for distributors, buyers and end users, there are no released documented standard flows with detection confidence identified to use for suspect counterfeit testing. The following sections of this website, Counterfeit and Risk Analysis, show why there is an authenticity issue and what DPA Trusted Parts presents as a viable solution to the ever-increasing counterfeit problem."
Turn-Key Operation
Facility:  All under one roof in the U.S.A.
DPA Trusted Parts is a minority owned, disadvantaged business certified by the State of California. Taking all the expertise and assets acquired over 35 years to detect and analyze suspect parts, DPA Trusted Parts has the advantage of using historical data for the sequence of different certified MIL-STD testing processes to define an optimized test sequence for EEE counterfeit components. The optimization in terms of confidence must take into account the probability of anomaly detection and process time for each testing process. Identifying the processes which yield the highest confidence and performing a limited high confidence tests as a suspect counterfeit analysis will effectively create the best analysis flow in terms of cost and delivery for our customers.


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Engaged in the testing and evaluation of high reliability semiconductor and other EEE components for more than 35 years, DPACI has been committed to the mission success of our customers. Due to the increasing issues of counterfeit EEE components, “DPA Trusted Parts” was created as a separate organization within the DPACI infrastructure to specifically solve authenticity issues arising from the global expansion of sources. Using the same DLA qualified and DMEA Trusted Source facility of DPACI, “DPA Trusted Parts” will perform all necessary processes to identify and analyze suspect counterfeit EEE parts under one roof thereby eliminating risk due to outsourced non-trusted facility handling.