We fully support DLAM Approved Suppliers with SAE AS6081 and SAE AS5553 requirements.

Counterfeit semiconductors devices are being sold in the mainstream market for mission critical systems of department of defense, NASA, ESA, etc. and other vehicles or systems where human lives are at risk. It is important to eliminate them before they get into the next assembly level.

DPA TRUSTED PARTS  owns and maintains the largest in-house Space and Military semiconductor database of Test Reports for EEE components, including electrical and environmental read and record test results, images, specifications and test programs.

DPA TRUSTED PARTS perform all counterfeit detection within one facility under one roof of a DMEA Trusted Foundry for quick turnaround and immediate failure analysis reporting of detected suspect counterfeits.

Counterfeit testing, screening and analyzing the electrical, physical, material, chemical, mechanical and environmental characteristics of EEE components including Destructive Physical Analysis and Failure Analysis.

DPA Trusted Parts


1-(805) 581-9200


Engaged in the High Reliability industry of Semiconductor and other EEE parts for over 35 years, DPACI has been committed to the mission success of our customers. Due to the increasing issue of counterfeit EEE piece parts, “DPA Trusted Parts” was incorporated as a separate organization within the DPACI infrastructure to specifically solve authenticity issues of the risk today due to the global expansion of sources.

Using the same DLAM qualified and Trusted Foundry facility of DPACI, “DPA Trusted Parts” will perform all necessary processes to identify and analyze counterfeit EEE parts under one roof thereby eliminating any other outsourced risk due to non-trusted foundry handling.